Thought Leadership

At Outsource UK, we believe gaining a full understanding of the markets we work in makes us better recruiters and helps us satisfy our clients’ evolving expectations. We constantly monitor and evaluate developments in markets and technology, and consult with industry analysts, to gain these valuable insights.

We also like to share this knowledge with our clients, to give them an objective and independent view of potential challenges, and help them make fully informed decisions. So we’ve set up our Thought Leadership series – impartial, intelligent and thought-provoking lectures given by respected industry figures who are specialists in their particular fields.

Outsource UK Thought Leadership events begin with breakfast and finish by mid-morning, leaving the rest of the day clear. They are free to attend and you can register online to reserve your place.

Our next events are due to take place in January, and will be based around the upcoming changes to Travel and Subsistence legislation for contractors in April 2016. Click here for further information.