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At Outsource, we have been rooted in the IT community for over 25 years. It's where we started and it's where we engage with the most clients and candidates.

We all know that software developers love sharing knowledge online. But in person? Not so much.

The most important thing to remember is that active networking is vital for career growth. Basically, it’s getting to know people who might help you, and in return, you can also help them. It’s all about building long-term relationships and a good reputation in your region and specialism over time. And yes, you can then go and look these people up on Stack – but having met someone face-to-face adds depth to these online interactions. It’s a little bit daunting but once you’ve taken the plunge, it quickly becomes second nature.

There are so many benefits to face-to-face networking:

      1. It strengthens relationships
      2. It's a source of fresh ideas
      3. It raises your profile
      4. It opens new doors
      5. It facilitates information exchange
      6. It widens your support group.

Developer Alpha Meetup Birmingham

So what can a specialist recruiter such as Outsource do to help?

We run quarterly Alpha Meetups in Birmingham to encourage the developer community to come together, network, learn and laugh in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, whilst also meeting people who can help them move up in their careers.

Click here for more details, and to let us know you’d like to come along to the next event. 

Contact us at for details about our support for the developer community.

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