Are you sleepwalking through your recruitment process?
Are you sleepwalking through your recruitment process?

Are you sleepwalking through your recruitment process?

Posted on: 29/01/2019

Joe Lanigan-Smith, specialising in Quality, Continuous Improvement & Lean Processes, shares his thoughts on where clients can make improvements to increase the quality of their hires in a candidate-short market:

All markets are candidate short and speed of hiring is always a major factor in the ability to secure the best person for a role. It doesn’t matter whether you spend your time recruiting for cleaners or cyber security professionals, all bring their own unique challenges to the table.

But too often, the worst enemy of a recruitment process can be the company doing the hiring and talented candidates fall by the way side because their competitors are hoovering up the best people with a slicker process designed to attract staff rather than put them off.

Perception is absolutely everything in recruitment and there is nothing more damaging to the results of a hiring campaign more than slow hiring decisions internally. If you are taking a month to feedback on CVS or having a four stage interview process with a psychometric test in the middle you’re limiting your choice of exceptional candidates.

Despite the opinion that many HR and Recruitment Managers might share, a slow hiring process does not improve the quality of choice you make at the end. In fact, it does exactly the opposite and can often alienate candidates whilst ensuring the reputation which HR and line managers naively think is among the best in the market, quickly takes an even bigger dent.

If your hiring process is taking too long, how do you think that looks from an outsider’s perspective who will be wondering what business decision-making is actually like once they are employed by you?

As well as a reduced number of applications because of a poor image to your employer brand, you are also doing unprecedented damage to your candidate experience on websites such as Glassdoor and social media such as Twitter. If your process crawls along at a snail’s pace and you’re sleeping walking through your recruitment it won’t be kept a secret from potential applicants for long.

Speed of hiring and quicker processes allow you a competitive edge on the rest of the market place, whilst also giving a clear signal to your new talent that you mean business with important judgments.

As we approach a busy time of the year, it may well be worth booking interviews for 2019 to secure the interest of the crème de la crème in your market.


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