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Did you know that: 

  • Whilst over 50% of the potential workforce is female, only 3% of females say they would consider technology as their 1st career option. 

  • Across the UK only 15% of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workforce is female.

  • Only 5% of leadership positions in the technology industry are held by women.

  • Only 16% of ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) adults are in full-time employment, with only 32% in some sort of paid work.

  • A recent BBC documentary highlighted the unique skills that ASD individuals can bring to technical and specialist roles, particularly in IT.

So what can a specialist recruiter such as Outsource do to help raise awareness? 

Outsource is working with a number of business leaders to promote technical careers for women and differently-abled people to encourage more of these groups into the future workforce, and are also encouraging school leavers and graduates to consider a career in what we believe to be a creative, innovative and exciting industry.

Read our regular blog updates and we also encourage everyone we engage with to 'get inclusive' and join our LinkedIn group.

We also hold regular Inspiring Inclusion Meetup events and we'd love you to join us for drinks, nibbles and great networking. Have a look at the amazing panel for our last Meetup, and contact us to be notified of our next Diversity Matters event.

We regularly speak at conferences and events on Inspiring Women in Technology - read a recent testimonial from the Royal Signals:

"Your support and enthusiasm really made the Inspiring Women event a success" - Major Vanessa Freestone, Royal Signals

And a recent testimonial from CRA Risk:

"Rosie Anderson and the team from Outsource UK came to CRA’s Risk Forum in October 2017 to bring the conference up to date with the need to consider women when recruiting. Their talk made us all aware of skills shortages, gender imbalance and government reporting requirements.  Perhaps more importantly, we are now far more conscious of the unintentional gender bias often creating barriers in education and employment. Their message is a valuable one for employers wishing to maximise their recruitment and retention rates in areas of skills shortage." 

Watch our latest Diversity Matters event video:



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