Job Description

We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced Java Developer to join a programme team made up of Bank employees and some external advisors working across a range of projects with a focus on simplifying processes, freeing up capacity, bringing IT technology and practices up to date, and improving the work environment. The outcome of the programme should be measurable impact on the bank's transition and financial priorities.

Within OE&E, the Monarch IT programme aims to make the management of the Bank's results, its transition impact, financial and operational performance, more effective and efficient.

Essential Experience

* Strong Java experience of coding and integrating components, at least 5 years.

* Developing micro services at least 3years

* Developing services through use of and supporting APIs, at least 3 years

* Experience of developing component designs and specification from a high level solution architecture

* Experience of delivering code into, supporting and extending resilient Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) environments

* Experience of delivering software in a formal regime using source control management and controlled gates with relevant artefacts to support design, quality and support.

* Experience delivering test automation or frameworks and incorporating these into CI/CD environments

* Understanding of and ability to apply the following practises:



o XP

* Experience with the following technologies/frameworks:

o Spring framework, Spring Boot


o JPA, Hibernate



* Spring Batch

* RPC API Paradigm

* Elastic/ELK stack, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana


* ActiveMQ,

* DB technologies SQL, PL/SQL, SQLServer, Oracle

* HTML, CSS, SCSS and JavaScript


* Eclipse, IntelliJ

* Git

* Maven, Gradle, Jenkins

* elenium, SOAPUI, Postman, NeoLoad, JMeter

* Activiti or other Business Process Management Solution (BPMS) engine

* Experience of software development in a financially regulated business such as the Banking or Insurance market

Track Record

* Working on Agile software delivery teams, following an iterative approach to deliver working software, Working collaboratively within a team to achieve common goals

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