Job Description

Generic Purpose of role:

To provide Structural Calculation reports of installation solutions produced by Design Engineers. The reports contain the results of robust analysis, hand calculations or FEA, using past experience and guidance from Principal/Senior design engineers to draw conclusions providing assurance of the installation solution whilst continually maintaining quality and service requirements.

Key Technical Skills

  • Must possess a knowledge of Analysis methods and their use in providing design assurance.
  • Able to perform numerical assessments using classical hand calculation methods for example Beam Theory, Bolt Group Assessment, Classical laminate theory. Knowledge of Finite Element Analysis methods for both static and dynamic analysis would be useful.
  • Has a knowledge of warship design and the sound judgement needed to be able to make appropriate Engineering decisions.
  • Good knowledge of materials used in warships namely marine Steel, Aluminium and Composites.

Key Leadership/People Management Skills

  • Demonstrates Teamwork - You give credit to your colleagues you perform well in order to help build their confidence and creditability, and that of the team as a whole. You offer advice or help when team members are struggling to ensure the team as a whole is successful.
  • Understanding Others - You recognise emotions, by reading body language, expressions and tones of voices. You understand what other people say about a business or other issues - based on content and going beyond emotion
  • Earning Trust - You demonstrate that you are open and honest. You treat people equally, regardless of status, hierarchy, etc. You are authentic in customer relations and take pride in being inclusive and trustworthy.

Top 4 Major Tasks and Activities:

  • Participate in a wide range of activities including concept design, detailed design, support to build, delivery and in service support to surface ship platforms and naval base facilities
  • Carry out structural assessments using classical Hand Calcs and Finite Element Analysis following appropriate professional and technical standards.
  • Identify personal training requirements, skills gaps and development requirements in own discipline.
  • To conduct ship trials and survey's as part of a team.

Additional Key Accountabilities:

  • Adhere and manage assigned budgets and schedules
  • Answer Technical queries about his/her own work and that of subordinates within their level of knowledge and competency.
  • Compile accurate estimates and complete the Structures section of the Industry response document used to manage customer expectations.

Key Outputs/Deliverables:

  • Structural Calculation report and supporting analysis
  • Hand calculations
  • FEA model

Describe with whom the role regularly interfaces:

  • Principal Design Engineer / Principal Engineering Manager
  • Senior Design Engineer
  • Operations/Production
  • Engineers of same/other disciplines.
  • OEM's
  • Project Management Team
  • Customer (technical liaison only)

Please feel free to get in touch with Jack Parratt if you are interested in this role - 0161 694 9210 /

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