Job Description

Role Description

To execute, evaluate, deliver and manage complex engineering and/or cross functional tasks or programmes of work recognising stakeholder and customer requirements. Also to identify and implement opportunities for personal and team development to ensure that professional capability of the business and individual are maintained and improved.

Core Duties

The following activities are those that may be carried out in full or part dependant on the role: To undertake functional design and/or provide specialist advice and qualification of their scope of responsibility and provide evidence for acceptance and fitness for purpose:

  • To confirm beyond reasonable doubt by review, surveillance and audit, that those assumptions underpinning engineering data, analysis methodologies, and interpretation of results have been validated.
  • To produce evidence in support of qualification, legislative requirements and safety justifications and provide specialist support for associated activities.
  • To contribute to identification and rapid closure of issues emerging from all product lifecycle stages and to manage the resulting change embodiment activities.
  • To liaise with both internal and external customers as required ensuring that their requirements are adequately supported and that their needs are fully considered and incorporated where appropriate and agreed.
  • To undertake peer reviews or checking / verification tasks as directed.
  • To provide realistic programme status, identify problem areas and implement agreed recovery plans.
  • To define the qualification obligations for the assurance hold points during build, test and commissioning.
  • Provide assurance to the Design Authority as to the adequacy and robustness of the Safety Case and supporting documentation.
  • To provide support to the Certificate of Design activities appropriate to the discipline.
  • To articulate and present complex technical argument clearly, logically and simply
  • To be able to access, have a clear understanding of and apply the Quality and HS&E Management System documentation e.g. Process Instructions, Workmanship Standards, Risk Assessments etc. applicable to your particular work scope and to obey all HS&E rules and control measures.

Key Attributes

  • Appropriate knowledge of the way in which the product is to be operated
  • Capable of achieving the appropriate Professional Institution membership
  • Experience in the management of business and technical interfaces
  • Honours Degree or equivalent experience in the appropriate discipline
  • Knowledge of the techniques of Systems Engineering
  • Sufficient experience to be able to identify unusual characteristics and other departures from normal practice that may require deeper investigation.
  • Sufficient knowledge of the range of disciplines involved in the product
  • design to be able to identify the best design compromises.
  • The ability to analyse complex problems and identify the most critical issues.

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