Job Description

Software Engineer- Warton

Rate: £44 p/h

Job Description

A Senior Software Engineer is required to support the Aircrew Training Simulation Systems (ATSS) Software Development Team currently developing simulation products in support of aircrew training for the Typhoon aircraft. Utilising Agile Development Processes and Techniques, the work will typically involve production of software designs and code through to integration testing and support.

The successful candidate will be expected to work within a team of software engineers developing simulations written in Ada and C++.

The successful candidate will ideally possess a number of the following skills;

  • Familiarity with requirements capture and traceability tools/techniques.
  • Familiarity with UML, Artisan or similar software design tools/methodologies.
  • Knowledge of a High Level Programming language e.g. Ada, C, C++
  • Knowledge of Software Development environments e.g. GPS (GNAT), Visual Studio.
  • Experience of Microsoft Office

Knowledge of high fidelity generic radar simulation design principles both MSCAN and ESCAN is essential.

Previous experience of the Typhoon avionic software design or experience of software development for flight simulators, would be beneficial.

To work as a Senior Software Engineer within the Aircrew Training Simulation Systems (ATSS) Software Development Team, developing simulation software RADAR for both MSCAN and ESCAN RADAR Systems. Specifically to implement high fidelity RADAR principles requiring specialist RADAR theory knowledge and ideally simulation knowledge of mechanically scanned and electronically scanned. As a result of Customer Preliminary Design Review (PDR) higher fidelity requirements have emerged over original requirements, therefore existing capability needs to be expanded. The team is required to support at the same time documentation review and analysis and develop a simulation strategy for higher fidelity EScan requirements for UK and is a role supporting the aircraft development teams.

Additional Information


- 5 days p/wk (Mon-Fri) around relevant site core hours (7am - 6pm Mon - Thurs, 7am - 12.30pm Fri).

- Hours required to work per week are 37.00 unless otherwise stated (this does not include lunch breaks).

- Start and finish times to be agreed with local Line Management, in accordance with local site core hours.

- Lunch break (unpaid) is 42 minutes which will automatically be deducted each working day from 12.30pm to 13.12pm by the electronic time management system.

- Dependant on workload, local management may request more or less hours are worked within this contract.


The successful candidate will be required to perform tasks suitable to the internal level of this role. The role will contain, but will not be limited to, the following:

Typical KRI's include:

- Work effectively as a Team member within a Team of engineers to design, develop, test, document, configure and deliver software simulations.

- Communicate effectively. Identifying potential risks, seeking clarification and feedback. Passing on guidance/tuition to team members with less experience.

- Ensure that source information, advice and validation is provided from the aircraft subject matter experts during all stages of development.

- Ensure a good working knowledge of Software Development Plan (SDP), Software Test Plan (STP) and other documents within the Aircrew Training Simulation Systems.

- Ensure that a good working knowledge of ATSS - related deliverables is maintained and that an awareness of customer issues is also maintained.

The Individual

This role also requires Specialist RADAR and Electronic Warfare (EW) design principles knowledge.

The candidate must be good with Microsoft Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook

Communication, Team Working and Motivation are essential and should have a degree or HND equivilant

Additional Information

Pay Rate £44.00 LTD

Computer or DSE Work, May be required to drive to Warton/Samlesbury

For more information please contact Liam Fahey on 0161 694 9207 or email

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