Job Description

Job Description

The Naval Architecture Transversal team is a function within the Naval Architecture department made up of 6 transversals managed centrally by the Transversal Co-Ordinator. These transversal disciplines are Buoyancy and Compressibility, Design Depths, Fairness of Form, Ship Motions, Water Tight Integrity and Weights. These Transversals are fundamental naval architecture disciplines which cross over many different aspects of the design and build of the programme. Each transversal lead manages their own part of the overall scope, the Transversal Co-Ordinator ensures this is being done correctly and inline to the wider vision of the programme.

The main parts of the role are to provide support to the system owners in steering them towards credible system design solutions which meet or perform in the spirit of the General Technical Requirements owned by Naval Architecture, placed on the 160+ systems across the platform. Delivering the appropriate documentation to show compliance and resolving issues that would lead to non-compliance, the Transversal Co-Ordinator has responsibility for ensuring this work is completed to the correct level of quality, approved and endorsed by the customer. As the design completes at Issue 1, the focus will turn to build support and the completion of Validation evidence.

The Transversal Co-Ordinator works with the transversal leads and Naval Architecture Technical Co-ordinator to manage the day to day running of the transversal team. Reporting back up to the Dreadnought SIT lead, Department manager and Cost Accounts Manager (CAM) periodically on progress against schedule or difficulties encountered in obtaining evidence. The SIT lead will take an active interest in more frequent updates in order to manage the wider workload within the Dreadnought work scope.

Manage the Transversal team (6 individual transversals)

* Manage Monthly meetings to review progress and resolve issues, this provides direction and the vision for the team

* Weekly management - pushing through work

* Maintain Plan updates this is to align with the ever changing D5 Schedule

* Oversee the complete production and delivery of the Transversal Qualification, Plan And Report (TQPAR) documentations in support of each system

* Manage changing priorities

* Manage and conduct the TC review cycle for each system to the Approved status

* Updates for each revision

* Manage the impact of VOIDs/outliers in relation to how they affect the ability for Naval Architecture to deliver

* Progress with the MoD requests to get TQPARs to Blue (Qualification)

* Manage and maintain the Naval Architecture Whole Boat Qualification Plan And Report (NA WBQPAR), ensure all Naval Architecture owned requirements are updated and milestones against this document are met

* Complete Integrated Combat Systems (ICS) 14 TQPAR plan

* Manage the booking codes for the ICS and the general transversal work feeding this information up through the management chain as necessary

* Increase involvement in the SSNR programme for the Naval Architecture Transversals supporting the development of an end to end process

The Individual

An experienced engineering manager, you will have excellent organisational and communication skills, able to engage with and manage a broad range of key external and internal stakeholders. You will be collaborative in your approach in order to build positive, effective and trusted relationships, able to challenge and influence when required.


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