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Job Description

Outsource UK is looking for a Blue Yonder WMS Developer to join a large retailer on a permanent basis.
Analyse processes and transform business requirements into the functional design within Blue Yonder WMS, utilizing both standard and non-standard solutions, and estimate the effort of delivery and plan assigned task(s) to provide a solution promptly with high-level quality.
Coordinate the workstream to deliver a technical solution.
Building configurations and extensions within Blue Yonder WMS using the following technical functionalities:
  • Report
  • Label
  • Page Builder
  • MOCA command, trigger, workflow
  • Variable configuration
  • RDT screen
  • Integrator transactions
  • Database changes (custom table, field, index, database sequence)
  • Rollout.
Creating functional test scenarios for changes or configurations, and executing them as part of functional units.
Providing continuous support for customers, including hyper care and 2nd/3rd line support for complex investigations.

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