Henry Wright ~ Recruiter Financial Crime, Outsource UK

Henry Wright ~ Specialist Recruiter in Governance Risk Compliance

1st March 2019
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My day starts with a productive and motivational team meeting where we discuss our wins from the day before. From here I self-manage my day by splitting it into business development in the morning and candidate work in the afternoon.

What’s the best thing about your role at Outsource on a typical day?

I enjoy the sense of working as one, we all know how our individual roles impact the wider team and it is a great feeling when you have a positive input.

What are the best things about working at Outsource overall?

Although we are spread out across the UK, Outsource still achieve that unity feeling. Through all of the various communication and fun activities, I feel like I have known people for years even if I haven’t met them in person. One example of this was during lockdown, Outsource arranged a virtual camp fire in which we all shared stories whilst toasting our marshmallows which had been pre-ordered by the company.

Is there anyone you rely on in the team to help you do your job?

There isn’t one person, it is very much a case of asking anyone who I believe is best suited to answer my question as I know everyone in Outsource will do their best to support you.

 Any career highlight you would like to mention?

My biggest highlight to date was successfully completing a tender for a Plc client. I had never submitted a tender before but I was given the opportunity to do so in my first few months of joining Outsource. With help and guidance from the Directors and Managers, we were successful in securing the work.

Any social event highlight you would like to mention?

Every social has been brilliant with Outsource, the Christmas party is an obvious highlight but I also thoroughly enjoyed our local team events as well. A member of our team is brilliant at designing games and activities to include everyone, I can’t recommend the socials enough.

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