Why would YOU leave a great job?
Why would YOU leave a great job?

Why would YOU leave a great job?

Posted on: 12/10/2017

John Crichton, our Head of Specialist Markets North, writes about his own very personal decision to leave a good job...

I got asked today why did I leave good job when I wasn’t looking, to start a new role at Outsource UK? The answer in the end was very simple.

I started at Outsource UK in May of this year after spending time with the CEO and COO of the business. Why? I could see what they wanted to achieve and the way they wanted to do it, a way which suited me perfectly.

Outsource is a recruitment company that offers its staff a huge sense of worth, giving the employee responsibility and accountability for their own work, backed by a leadership team that will coach, develop and drive everybody to achieve their own personal goals and professional targets. We expect people to do what they need to do to achieve these goals and we want to see people that improve as time goes on. Outsource gives their employees all the tools necessary to do so, and as with our recruitment, we do it in the right way based upon our company values.

But still, why did I join?

  • Great leadership
  • A clear vision and plan to grow
  • A determination to be the best
  • Company culture that blends a great working environment with the expectation of high performance and commitment
  • Team development - the opportunity to grow, develop and coach a technical team of recruiters (consultants are given very good commission structures)
  • City location (I didn’t think this would be a big factor, but it ended up being a major bonus to be back in the centre of Manchester)

Taking care of everything

Outsource UK is totally committed to taking an open, honest and ethical approach to recruiting, being proactive and always aiming to be the best in our field by taking care of everything for clients, candidates and each other. Our people are knowledgeable and experienced, yet ready to listen and learn. Our culture is based on partnership – with our clients, our candidates and each other. And in everything we do, we’re accountable, responsible and thoroughly professional. To do this we need like-minded consultants and resourcers to join our ranks in Manchester. Could this be you?

Changing life for the better

I wasn’t looking to leave my last job, I was happy with what I had achieved and where I was going. Then I went for a coffee with Nick Dettmar (COO of Outsource) and heard the Outsource story. I started to see the benefits of a change where I hadn’t see them before, and from there I didn’t look back. To be dramatic, that decision to go for a coffee changed my life for the better, it’s given me a new focus, a new drive, a new environment to put into practice what I had learnt but has given me a platform where I can keep learning and improving.

So my advice is, even if you think you are happy where you are at the moment, there could be a coffee with your name on that could give you the next step you didn’t think you were looking for!


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