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At Outsource UK, we support our customers through our core values; Inclusive, Accountable, Solution Focussed, Insightful and Collaborative. One of the ways we do this is through our dedicated onboarding and support team.

We’re here to support you through your onboarding process – we have an online portal where you will provide the information we need for your contract along with any additional documents your client may require. We’ll always be at the end of the phone and your Contractor Care Consultant will be in touch with you for the whole process and will be really happy to answer any questions you have. If you have any specific needs that mean you need additional support we’re here to provide that as well. As you can imagine, we need to make sure that you’re compliantly engaged and so we do ask for some personal information – we’ll always explain to you why and treat your information in the strictest confidence. A few days before you start you’ll benefit from a comprehensive starter pack that explains everything about working with us covering all the important stuff like how to complete your timesheets and when you can expect to be paid. Throughout your assignment, we’ll be around to support you with anything you need from us.

We pride ourselves in taking care of everything and welcome your feedback. During your assignment, you’ll be regularly invited to provide us feedback through Feefo and we’re always happy for you to get in touch with any suggestions you may have. You’ll also receive a regular newsletter from us with news that we think will be of interest to you.


Some Contractors with Outsource UK will use our own e-timesheets to record their working hours, whilst others will need to use their client’s timesheet system.

Outsource Timesheet Login

Frequently Asked Questions - New Timesheet Portal

We’ve now gone live with our new Payments System! As with all new systems, you may have some queries so we’ll be adding frequently asked questions below, which may help to answer a query you may have.

  • What if I've entered my time for the week commencing Monday 14th August 2023 on the old system? 
    This timesheet will be rejected and you will be required to re-enter your time on InTime.

  • What if I have time to enter prior to Sunday 13th August 2023 which I couldn’t enter on the old system?
    Please email ContractorCare@outsource-uk.co.uk with the required dates and hours, we will then process this manually for you.

  • I have logged into InTime for the first time and I can’t see all of the timesheets I am due to be paid in my next payment. 
    We are still migrating timesheet data over to InTime, everything should be there by the end of this week but if you have any concerns please email ContractorCare@outsource-uk.co.uk with the missing information.

  • When will the old system be closed down?
    The old timesheet portal is now closed in terms of being able to add new timesheets or expenses. All new timesheet data now needs to be added to InTime. You can continue to view historic timesheets within the old system.

  • Will old timesheets and invoices be imported over?
    No, only timesheets that haven’t been paid will be moved to InTime.

  • I am a PAYE worker - why can’t I see my holiday entitlement within the system?
    We are still in the process of migrating some data across to the new system – holiday information – both holiday accrued and holiday that has been booked but not yet taken, will be added shortly.


Here's our one-stop shop with advice for contractors or authorising managers using

Outsource UK e-timesheets:


Once your contract is finalised, our Accounts team will get in touch to confirm you’ve been set up to use our online timesheet system. They’ll send you an activation email so you can access the portal and create your account.

It’s vital your timesheets are submitted and approved every week. You are responsible for ensuring your manager approves all timesheets by the relevant cut-off date shown on your payment schedule.

How to complete your timesheet

When you create your timesheet, please enter your start and end times and any break time taken. Below this section is a row headed either Daily rate or Standard rate. The Contractor User Guide explains how to complete this, and tells you more about completing and submitting your timesheets.

Download your Contractor timesheet user guide here

Authorising Managers

Once your contractor has started work, our Accounts team will contact you, to confirm you’ve been set up as an authoriser on our online timesheet system. They’ll send you an activation email so you can access the portal and create your account.

Approving timesheets

You’ll receive an email each time a contractor submits a timesheet. If the timesheet shows Daily rate, then you’ll be approving the number of days worked; if it shows Standard rate, you’ll approve the number of hours worked.

If you don’t approve a timesheet when it’s submitted, we’ll send you a reminder email the next morning. Secondary authorisers will only receive a reminder email if the primary authoriser has not approved the timesheet by the third day. Please see the Authoriser User Guide for more information.

Download your Client Authoriser timesheet user guide here

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