Direct Sourcing

Introducing our Direct Sourcing services

Are you finding it difficult to attract the right talent?

Discover a better way of securing the people you need, using the value in your brand to attract future talent and rewarding you with up to 50% savings on your recruitment agency spend.

Introducing Outsource UK Talent Pooling

At Outsource UK, we listen to the needs of our clients, recognise their challenges, and create bespoke resourcing solutions to help them thrive. Our Direct Sourcing service creates your own bespoke private talent pool, enabling you to leverage the power of your own brand to attract and curate high-quality talent. We build your own exclusive community of candidates, and you pay only for the parts of the recruitment process that you use.

You’ll be able to manage your future talent in a way that’s both simple and cost-effective. Your unique pool is made up of a combination of previous workers (both permanent and contingent), candidates who you have interviewed before and who came a close second, and crucially, those candidates that have already shown an interest in working with your company. They may not be looking for a role right now, but they like your business, and when the time is right, you will have instant access to these pre-identified future workers. Search the talent pool yourself, or we can do it for you – and all at a lower cost than standard recruitment agency fees.

As curators of your talent pool, we’ll continue to populate the pool on your behalf, and we’ll stay in touch with your candidates to keep them engaged with your brand.

We’ll also offer you a range of other recruitment support services to ensure you can hire the people you need as quickly and compliantly as possible – choose the support you need to meet your hiring plans, and pay only for what you need.

For more information on designing a talent planning solution to suit your needs, email Sean Walsh, Head of Client Solutions, or call him on 01793 430021.