Outsource Employed Consultants

Outsource UK's specialist Employed Consultants allow you to complete projects in a flexible way

This model is an innovative way to help you through the challenges of your human resource issues, ensuring you get the right people into your business at the right time.

The Employed Consultant resource service complements your existing Permanent and Contingency hiring possibilities, with a new and flexible solution, and also helps ensure a compliant contingent workforce after the delayed IR35 legislation change, now in April 2021.

To find out more, download our whitepaper on Ensuring a Compliant Contingent Workforce after IR35 Legislation Change here:

Download our Ensuring Compliant Contingent Workers after IR35 law change whitepaper here

We source the most talented candidates in your industry and employ them ourselves on a permanent basis. These talented individuals are then contracted out to you, lowering your costs, ensuring HR stability and giving attractive career development opportunities to the individual consultants.

This truly is the third way!

Outsource UK Employed ConsultantsOutsource Employed Consultants

For more information on designing a talent planning solution incorporating Outsource Employed Consultants, to suit your needs, email Vicky Roythorne, Head of Compliance or call her on 01793 430 021.