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Changes to IR35 status for Private Sector workers ~ the consultation is now closed, with an anticipated announcement in the Autumn Budget November 2018

The Government is reviewing all options for an implementation of new IR35 assessment rules for the Private Sector in the coming year. Whilst we're not sure the extent or content of the plans until a statement is issued, we anticipate that it will similar in scope to the changes introduced for the Public Sector in April 2017. Get in touch to find out how you can plan for success for your flexible workforce.

Outlining the changes to IR35 status for Public Sector workers introduced from 6th April 2017

In 2017, the Government implemented a framework to further target perceived tax avoidance by off-payroll workers by introducing new IR35 assessment rules. This meant that rather than a contractor deciding their own IR35 status, the end client and the agency paying the worker must assess whether an assignment is inside or outside of IR35.

Here at Outsource we are confident that we can help you navigate the practical implications of this legislation, without seeing an impact on your projects.

About our Head of Compliance, Vicky Roythorne

Vicky has worked at Outsource UK since 2004. She was initially employed in our Recruitment and Account Management department, before moving into the Operations division of the business, where she specialised in Compliance. As an expert in contractor and contingent compliance, Vicky has spoken at industry events such as the Recruitment Expo exhibitions, as well as APSCO sector group meetings. Vicky has developed our IR35 Audit Preparation programme to help our clients ensure they are ready for IR35 private sector reform.

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About Vicki Lee, our Client Services Manager & IR35 Product Lead

Vicki has worked as a Client Services Manager within the Engineering and Defence team at Outsource UK since 2017; prior to joining the team, she worked for a competitor with some of the industry’s largest and leading organisations as clients. Due to the nature of the industry, ensuring security and legislative compliance for both the client and the contractor has always been a key focus for Vicki, leading her to become an IRCA Certified Auditor in 2016. With IR35 having become a common query for her current client base, Vicki has developed a strong knowledge base in this area too, giving her the right skillset to advise, partner and consult on any IR35 issues that clients may have.

And for more (external) information, head to:

Government consultation on IR35 reform in the Private Sector:

Comment from IPSE, the trade body for contract workers:

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