IR35 Audit Services

IR35 Audit Programme

Taxation changes are still coming in April 2021.

Is your business ready?

Having implemented a robust process for several global businesses based in the UK, we're happy to share our lessons learned so you can have a smooth journey to compliance:

Planning for IR35 Legislation Change

Intermediaries (IR35) tax changes got the ‘go-ahead’ in 2018 and were ratified to come into force in April 2021, a year later than planned due to COVID-19. You will need to ensure you understand how these new rules could impact your ability to hire flexible workers before April 2021 when the actual change applies.

Our comprehensive Audit Preparation Programme helps business leaders to manage the impact of any IR35 rule changes before they come into effect, thereby ensuring business and project continuity.

Outsource UK IR35 Audit Preparation Programme

We can help you

Our audit programme is designed to help you understand the rules surrounding the shifts in compliance legislation, as well as provide you with practical guidance on how to correctly go about engaging with workers who genuinely do operate outside of IR35.

Additionally, we can also offer you advice on alternative solutions that are applicable in instances where IR35 does apply to a contract assignment, including payrolling options and bench resource and permanent hiring.

Don't hesitate to contact our Director Mark Harris or call 01793 430021 to discuss how we can help you be prepared.