Key Information Documents

Key Information Documents

From April 2020, recruitment businesses are required to provide candidates with a Key Information Document ( KID). This document provides workers with a range of essential information that it is important that they know before starting an assignment, and it is designed to provide absolute transparency for workers about how they will be paid and who will be paying them.

At Outsource, workers have a number of options regarding how they can be paid – and so we have developed a number of Key Information Documents (KID) which provide information on the different engagement models that you may choose from.

Limited Company (PSC)

If you choose to provide your services via a Limited Company, our PSC (Limited) KID provides an example of how this relationship will work, and can be accessed here.

Umbrella Company

Outsource UK works with a range of Umbrella providers. We have provided a KID for each of the main Umbrella partners we work with, and some are different depending on whether you are paid weekly or monthly.

Brookson Contractor Umbrella

Brookson KID

Danbro Contractor Umbrella

Danbro KID - paid weekly

Danbro KID - paid monthly

JSA Group Contractor Umbrella


Orange Genie Contractor Umbrella

Orange Genie KID - paid weekly

Parasol Group Contractor Umbrella 

Parasol KID

Paystream Contractor Umbrella 

Paystream KID

Trimantic Accountants Umbrella Provider

Trimantic KID

PAYE temporary contract

If you choose to join Outsource UK’s temporary payroll, our PAYE KID can be found here.

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If you have any questions relating to the documents provided here, or you would like to discuss the details provided, please contact our dedicated Contractor Care team at or call us on 01793 430021.

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