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Charlie Smith - Contractor Care Manager

Charlie Smith ~ Contractor Care Lead

1st March 2019
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Hi, I'm Charlie. My Day can vary from day to day, as I work in Contractor Care I deal with a whole host of different things on a daily basis. A typical day will start with responding to emails from the night before this can sometimes take 5 minutes or sometimes the full day; it changes every day! Once emails are done I will change my focus to contracts ensuring we have no out-of-date contracts waiting to be created and do any future contracts. After this, I just see where the day takes me!

What’s the best thing about your role at Outsource on a typical day?

My favourite thing about my role is every day is different. Most queries are different and everyday is definitely a school day. I think in Contractor Care there is always so much to learn!

What are the best things about working at Outsource overall?

Outsource is just one big family, everyone is friendly and you could ask anyone in the business for help and they will always answer. Everyone is also approachable which makes asking questions a lot easier!

Is there anyone you rely on in the team to help you do your job?

Everyone, everyone in Contractor Care is always there for you ready to help if needed. Special shout out to our Operations Manager Rebecca Inns, she is without a doubt ready for any query and always resolves it straight away! Definitely our hero!

Any career highlight so far that you would like to mention?

My career highlight would have to be winning the Outsource Staff Brilliance award the last two years in a row!

We love to socialise! What's been your favourite? 

I have loved all of the social events I have been to with Outsource in the last 3 years, each one has been really different and special. Outsource always goes all out in making sure the employees have a great time and are really looked after! If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be the Christmas party 2019 - amazing night!

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