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Rebecca Buggs holds her baby son's hand

Great recruitment can be done flexibly - I am the proof

28th November 2023
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Rebecca Buggs talks about having her first baby whilst being a top biller

I don't know how many times I've heard "you can't do recruitment and be a mum" or "part time recruiters don't work". Obviously, you can do anything and be a mum because we all know mums are great multitaskers! I think they meant reduced hours and recruitment would be difficult…

I've worked for Outsource since they acquired Omnium IT back in 2012. I started at Omnium as a business admin apprentice helping to prepare CVs and write job adverts, and progressed into recruitment. 12 years later and I'm still here, and this job and Outsource UK have enabled me to buy my first home, get married, travel, Now I’m a mum and I have come back into recruitment on reduced hours, and want to prove all the "it won't work" comments wrong!


Organisation and open communication really helps

HR and my immediate team were so supportive when I announced I was pregnant, which was also during Covid. They supported my wishes when I was nervous to be travelling by train and into a busy office and allowed me to work from home full-time. When things opened up and we were told to start going back to the office, they respected the fact that I wanted to remain at home for the time being.

I'm an obsessive organiser and needed to know exactly how everything would work. Finance received a million emails from me about how maternity pay would run, when it would start, when it would end and I can honestly say anyone I asked for help couldn't have been happier to help. This carried on through to my return to work with a re-induction on my first week with the HR manager who updated me on all that's been happening since I've been away and catch ups with my manager and the wider team.

I welcomed my first child in March 2021 and 12 months later I have returned to work. I was nervous but excited to return. I was worrying about how I'd manage to ferry another human here, there and everywhere before I'd even got myself to work (my day used to start at 8am, that's practically lunch time for me now!). I also panicked about how finishing at 5.30 would mean I'd literally be picking my baby up and putting him to bed by the time I'd got home. 


A supportive employer for flexible working is absolutely essential

Outsource has been so supportive. With a purpose, vision and values that embody Inclusion, I don't know why I was ever panicking: 


  • I now work reduced hours across 5 days and still manage to get the CVS out the door and the interviews rolling in as well as spend time with my son before bed without any stress or panic.
  • I work hybrid home & office.
  • I go into the office once a week because, let's be honest, anyone who’s just spent 12 months with a baby is definitely in need of some adult interaction!
  • These were at my request and Outsource was happy to help with flexibility that meant things would be nice and easy.
  • They make it possible for me to carry on recruiting and get the most out of the hours in the day by cutting out over 2 hours of commuting!
  • What is great to see though is that this hybrid office home work has been fully embraced for everyone to allow everyone to have a better work life balance regardless of their personal circumstances.


Hybrid and flex working - keeping your customers and your team informed

So even when it seems like it won't work or people offer up their unwanted opinions, recruitment CAN work and can be done flexibly. All that anyone ever wants is some forewarning and notice, so ensuring that my candidates and clients are aware of my hours and also offering some flexibility back by being available over lunchtimes to speak to candidates it seems to be working quite well. 

If you're a parent thinking about recruitment but are unsure whether it would work, or maybe someone looking for a career change get in touch with Emily Randall as Outsource has plenty of opportunities at the moment. It's a family-friendly culture, very supportive, inclusive and a great office environment with a range of people, all ages and different backgrounds with lots of fun perks, rewards and benefits.

We've got so much to look forward to over the next 5 years and I'm genuinely so happy to be back and couldn't have asked for a more supportive work family to help me settle back into the real world!

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