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Sam Farr

Introducing our Ambassador Team - Sam Farr

10th March 2023
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We believe that everyone has the potential to be the best person for the job, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or disability. Which is why we have a team of Inclusion Ambassadors who are becoming subject matter experts in their special interest. They support our colleagues and our clients on Inclusion and form part of our commitment to be the UK's best inclusive recruiter.

We caught up with Sam Farr, who is our IT Manager based in our Swindon Office, and our Wellbeing Ambassador.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Sam!

Hello everyone, I'm Sam Farr and have been with Outsource UK for over 10 years now. I joined Outsource UK as an Administration Apprentice in October 2012. I had finished college in the summer where I had studied Sports Science and was playing football every day and I suppose a bit like everyone I was thinking what on earth do I do now. I had opportunities to go abroad to play football and study at University but I decided I would take the plunge into work.

The opportunity at Outsource UK arose through our very own Jacqui Hooper (Finance Operations Business Partner). Jacqui being a close family friend and her son Brad being one of my closest friends, she mentioned they were looking for an apprentice, I went for an interview with Vicky Parker (who is now our Operations Director) and here I am 10+ years later as the IT Manager.

It was at the end of my year-long apprenticeship that I really got into IT as I moved into a Database Administrator role. From then onwards I've been lucky enough to have done various roles within the technology area of the business. From managing the database all the way through to now as IT Manager.

Why did you choose to be a Wellbeing Ambassador?

I chose to be a Wellbeing Ambassador on the back of lockdown. Even though pre-covid I would have classed myself as an active person but I was never in any routine other than playing football three times a week.

Throughout the lockdown, I made a conscious effort to get into a routine every day of either running or walking. On the back of my new daily routine of constant fresh air and an increase in my steps, I felt even better within myself mentally and physically. The improved wellbeing, I personally felt made me put my name forward as an Ambassador and hopefully allow me to support others to an improved lifestyle.

I also like to think I am a good listener so if anyone is ever struggling or debating ideas that could help them in their day to day to life, I am all ears. The key thing is you are trying to do something about it and have noticed something isn’t right. Please contact me with the silliest question or ideas and we can chat them through. It may well be even something such as wanting me to set you a challenge!

How has exercise improved your wellbeing?

Exercise has improved my wellbeing immensely. I feel more alive day to day, I rarely get a lull in my day compared to before lockdown. In general, I feel much more upbeat and motivated in my day, instead of the constant 'that can wait' mindset. My mindset is more on the front foot with day-to-day tasks. I think when people think of exercise they think of hard work, sweating and being out of breath. Exercise can be as simple as going for a walk with a podcast in.

I think everyone uses time as an excuse but I guarantee most can spare at least 30 minutes a day to do something active.

Is there any advice that you’d share for any employees that may be struggling at the moment?

Everyone may be struggling with different things but just in general, I hope these five things will help!

  1. If you average 3-4k steps a day, try and double them. If you average 7-8k, try and get to 10k steps.
  2. Block out at least 15 minutes in your day just for you, to do whatever you enjoy.
  3. Plan and structure your week as much as you can so you feel in control of your day and the day doesn’t feel in control of you. Factor in things such as when you're going to exercise, what you're going to eat etc. It’s easy just to see how it goes when it comes to eating and I am guilty of it myself but the better at planning you get the better you will eat.
  4. Try and cut down on social media usage late at night or throughout the day. Limit yourself to maybe 30 minutes a day. All these apps have ways you can set a time limit on them and once you’ve hit your daily quota, that’s it.
  5. Get into a routine with sleeping.

Want to learn more about our Inclusion Ambassador Team? 

Visit our Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance page for more information and a list of all of our Ambassadors.


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