Jacqui Hooper ~ Finance Operations Business Partner | Outsource UK
Jacqui Hooper ~ Head of Transactional Team, Outsource UK

Jacqui Hooper ~ Finance Operations Business Partner

1st March 2019
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Hi, I'm Jacqui from the Finance department. I've been with Outsource since 2011.

In Finance as a whole and for me, there isn’t a typical day, each one is varied as I can be working on updating and implementing finance processes as a result of new legislation one day and then partnering with new clients to set up efficient billing practice on another day.

What’s the best thing about your role at Outsource on a typical day?

The best thing about my role is knowing that I make a difference to the business, to colleagues, contractors and clients by driving continuous improvements in financial and operational processes.

What are the best things about working at Outsource overall? 

By far, the best thing about working for Outsource are my colleagues.  And I think that we have seen so much more collaboration through this pandemic period and knowing that we all care about each other’s wellbeing is such an important factor.

There are lots of people I rely on to help me do my job.  I need to understand the effect of operational changes, upgrades made by our financial systems partners or work with new clients, all of which requires collaboration and support from colleagues around the business.

Any career highlight so far that you would like to mention? 

There are a couple, the first being the business being selected as a preferred supplier for one of our largest clients and knowing that the accuracy and timeliness of our billing played a big part in that clients decision, which was down to me and my team.  The second would be moving into my current role, as I get to work on improving operational efficiencies, productivity and most importantly customer service as the business grows.

Any social event highlight you would like to mention?

At our end of year event last year, being talked into a fair ground ride, ending up sitting next to Nick, our CEO, and trying to hold a sensible conversation as I felt sicker and sicker! 

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