Matt Williamson ~ Programme Manager | Outsource UK
Matt Williamson ~ Outsource UK

Matt Williamson ~ Programme Manager

1st March 2019
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Hello there, I'm Matt and I oversee a number of our key customers to ensure we are providing best practice and leading-edge employment solutions. I am focused on building relationships, business growth, and delivering strategic objectives.

What’s the best thing about your role at Outsource on a typical day?

Working with people, forging partnerships, striving to be the best in a competitive environment.

What are the best things about working at Outsource overall?

Outsource is passionate about what we do and work hard to look after colleagues and clients. We are innovative in terms of products and services that we provide.

Is there anyone you rely on in the team to help you do your job?

I rely on all my colleagues for support. There is a real sense of teamwork where everyone is available to help.

Any highlight you would like to mention?

When we were a smaller company competing against much bigger outfits and outperforming them across multiple large customers (Co-Op Bank and Argos Financial Services) which I was responsible for.

And I’m a fan of all social events! The Outsource end of year event is a great way to wrap up the financial year and meet all your colleagues.

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