Michelle Syers ~ Finance | Outsource UK
Michelle Syers ~ Finance Team Leader, Outsource UK

Michelle Syers ~ Finance

1st March 2019
Our employees

A day in the life at Outsource for me is looking after our Pay and Bill Team.  I make sure that all the processes are running smoothly, from Contractor payrolls to invoicing Clients, whilst ensuring my Team is happy too of course!

The best thing about my role at Outsource is getting to learn so many different processes and support my Team in them all, no two days are the same.

The best things are the people.  Absolutely everyone is super lovely and supportive.  Everyone is always ready to help each other and we have such fun along the way!

I 100% rely on the Pay and Bill Team to do my job.  If they weren’t there our Contractors wouldn’t get paid and Clients wouldn’t get Invoiced. But I would also like to mention the ongoing training I’ve had from the wider Team. If they hadn’t been so supportive in these last 6 months I wouldn’t get by.  They are always ready to help me whatever the query.

A highlight so far for me has been being promoted to Finance Team Leader only 3 months in, and all of it bar a week, working from home. It has shown the trust and support that Outsource has for their Team and a tribute to the Team for all the remote learning we’ve had to do to get me there.

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