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Outsource UK goes hybrid!

4th August 2021
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One thing we have the pandemic to thank for is the increase in flexible and hybrid working opportunities now available. The last 18 months have proven that flexibility is possible and as an inclusion and diversity professional, it fills me with such optimism to see opportunities opening up for those who otherwise may have been restricted by location, mobility, or caring responsibilities.

At Outsource, we listened to our people and took into consideration the lived advantages and disadvantages of home-working. Following the results of a post-lockdown staff survey, where 93% of our workforce said they were looking for some degree of flexibility on location, I’m pleased to write that Outsource will be moving towards a hybrid working model. We do, however, recognise that home-working, for some, has come with challenges and we look forward to also welcoming our colleagues back into the office to support each other, both personally and professionally, even further.

“Although the last year has been challenging, the way our people have adapted to working from home and supported each other has been incredible. In some respects, the challenges of the pandemic has brought us even closer as a team. It was important to us that our employees have a voice and were consulted when we decided to redesign how we will work together moving forward. As a result, we are delighted to be able to offer our employees flexibility through a hybrid working model, where employees can experience the benefits of working from home and the benefits of being together. We are proud to be an inclusive employer and we believe our flexible approach will enable us to attract future talent and deliver an enhanced employee experience to our existing people.”

- Anna Kramer, Head of HR, Outsource UK

Additionally, a recent poll conducted by Outsource, on LinkedIn, showed that 86% of respondents see the purpose of the office as a place for collaboration. With that in mind, at Outsource, we have redesigned our spaces in order to allow for more agility and teamwork.

What’s the purpose of your office?

Bar chart showing 86% say purpose of their office is to facilitate collaboration, 7% social interaction, 5% to see people working and 1% other

Outsource currently has opportunities across all UK locations for both trainees and experienced hires. Visit https://www.outsource-uk.co.uk/about-us to find out more about life at Outsource or contact our Internal Recruiter, Emily Randall, to discuss our vacancies. 


Written by Claire Farrow, Consultancy Services Business Partner at Outsource UK
CFarrow@outsource-uk.co.uk / 01793 430021

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