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We’re turning our customer feedback into forests!

9th November 2023
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Here at Outsource UK, we’ve been using Feefo – the world’s largest verified reviews provider - for a number of years now and we’re excited to share that we’ve signed up to fund tree-planting projects in return for honest customer reviews!  

We’re delighted to be one of the first clients to sign up to Feefo's new sustainability feature, Treefo. It allows us to offer our customers a planet-loving thank you for every review they share. 69% of consumers are interested in making more sustainable choices (Travel Weekly, December 2022). So we wanted to offer something that would have a positive impact on the planet and boost support for their business from like-minded customers.

Feefo has partnered with reputable climate solutions specialists, Ecologi, to source its tree-planting projects. Ecologi, in turn, works hand-in-hand with genuine project providers who are engaging with local communities to restore landscapes. These tree-planting projects nurture seeds to have the best chance of growing into full-grown trees.

Why now? With the trend of the conscious consumer on the rise, we wanted to boost its own climate action and find a way to help its customers enhance their sustainability journey.

Customers are choosing more often to shop from sustainably conscious businesses:   

  • 40% of UK consumers are now conscious shoppers. These are customers who buy from brands that clearly communicate sustainable and ethical practices, (Deloitte, 2022

  • A poll carried out with Ipsos showed 69% of respondents were ‘interested in making more sustainable choices’, (Travel Weekly, December 2022

Our Green Ambassador and Marketing Business Partner, Satinder Lahory, said: "As the Green Ambassador, I am absolutely delighted to be announcing this new and exciting project. This is a great first step to showcase the environmental impact we will make. We get some really great reviews and we want to continue with that momentum by offering something different as a thank you to our customers."

Kerry Leighton-Bailey, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Feefo, said of the Treefo launch: “This is the feature we’ve been waiting for. It builds on Feefo’s ethical journey and means we can finally support businesses to reach their sustainability goals. Businesses are collecting customer reviews anyway. Why not turn that into planet-loving action?”   

If you’d like to find out more about Outsource UK’s sustainability focus, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch! 

Visit Treefo's Turning Feedback in Forests webpage to find out more about their brand new initiative. 

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