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Jake and Karolina in the Manchester office

Who knew Recruitment would be for us?

19th April 2022
Our employees

With three placements in their first month at Outsource UK, we caught up with our newest Manchester Recruiters, Karolina Lawnicka and Jake Mepham, to find out how they’re making a difference in the Recruitment Industry...

So, what’s it like working in Recruitment?

Karolina: Since making the decision to return to Manchester, I had no idea where I was going to

go with my career. I decided to apply for some recruitment positions as I thought that my experience being a Senior Administrator and talking to a lot people over the phone could bring something to the table when it comes to recruitment. Fast forward to now, I have been with Outsource for a month and with the continuous, great support from the team, I have already made two placements and I am so glad I made the decision to join!

Jake: My first month in recruitment has felt like a whirlwind, from accepting my job whilst living in Sheffield to then meeting most of the company in my first week for our new company mission launch. Getting trusted to work live jobs on our first week and then eventually making my first placement in the first 2 weeks. A month later, having moved over to Manchester, it has all gone so fast, although I wouldn’t change anything about it as it’s made my learning and progression within the role get accelerated so much faster.

What’s it like working at Outsource UK?

Karolina: First of all, the team have been so welcoming and helpful since I’ve started my journey here. All of my questions are always answered and I really appreciate all the support I received. The atmosphere here is not at all like what recruitment's reputation seems to be, which was a nice surprise as everyone here celebrates your wins and there is no unhealthy competition. It’s been so nice to share this journey with Jake as well!

Jake: It’s been amazing since day one, the whole team are so welcoming and helpful. As well as an office environment that knows how to have fun and have a laugh, yet also knuckle down and know when to get work and deadlines met. The work itself has been sometimes challenging but always fun and fulfilling. I didn’t know before this role that I could be so excited for someone else to get an interview or job. With that the same in the office, achievements and placements are celebrated there isn’t a negative competitive culture here. 

It’s also been great that Karolina and I started on the same day as we’ve been able to bounce ideas of each other and motivate one another as well. I think having a buddy through this process has made us more confident in our roles a lot faster.

What's your favourite benefits about being a Recruiter?

Karolina: Previously to joining, I had no idea about the yearly company trip incentive. When I found out about it in my induction, I was pleasantly surprised and also felt like Outsource didn't use this incentive as a way to lure me into the company. Their focus throughout the interview process was the family like atmosphere, the culture and progression - which has definitely been visible in my first month here.

I am really enjoying exploring the world of recruiting and learning new things. It's a completely new challenge for me and because of that I feel very engaged into my new role as I am very curious and inquisitive by nature. I look forward to learning more each day and becoming an experienced recruiter.

Jake: The benefits range from the hybrid working style and relaxed office wear. Meaning you can come in dressed how you feel comfortable which is always how you should feel at work. To little things such as the free weekly coffee from Caffé Nero.

The culture and progression opportunities are what brought me to Outsource and then finding out about the whole company incentive trip, it was a nice added bonus!

How's the training been?

Karolina: The training process has been a breeze, as I am a hands-on learner, I find it quite difficult to learn in a class room environment with a lot of information being thrown at me through listening. Outsource allowed me to take things kinetically - I was able to learn and progress at my own pace with consistent guidance and help from management and the team.

Jake: The training has been great. John Crichton (Head of Enterprise Delivery in the Manchester Office) has trusted us to work live roles from very early on, with a mixture of on the job learning and more formal training sessions which for me has been very beneficial. As a hands-on learner, this style has progressed my knowledge and capability as a recruiter so much from where I started.

Jack Parratt and Dan McShane have been amazing mentors and have helped us every step of the way when learning the new systems and procedures. This also spreads to the wider team as everyone have been open and happy to help with any questions you may have.

What’s been your best moment so far at Outsource UK?

Karolina: My favourite moment here so far was the team's reaction to making my first placement. Being buddied up with the biggest hype man (Dan McShane) in the business which as you can imagine has motivated me greatly!

Jake: My best moment so far at Outsource was definitely placing my first candidate in my second week and having everyone in the office just as happy to see me succeeding.

What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to start a career in Recruitment?

Karolina: Just do it! You never know where the journey might take you. I would recommend that you join Outsource's Manchester Office (not that I'm biased 😉).

Jake: Just go for it. I think it’s like anything you will never know what it could be or where could lead you to unless you try. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to start a career in Recruitment, to join Outsource UK!


Want to join Karolina and Jake? We're always keen to hear from experienced Recruiters and anyone who is looking to start their career within Recruitment so please don't hesitate in getting in touch with Emily Randall, our People and Talent Consultant or visiting our current internal vacancies page.

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