Career routes & diversity in Cyber

Posted on: 08/10/2019

Rosie Anderson, Cyber Manager from Outsource UK delivers another PeerTalk™ panel on Peerlyst about career routes and diversity in Cyber.

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Duration: ~30 min, On-Demand


In this panel, we draw on the panelists' experiences to discuss how the industry has developed, along with our view on the skills gap in the cyber and infosec industry.

Ken talks about the experience variety from job specs, and his experience as an industry pioneer. Ken and Ron both talk about the history of the industry, and the community being welcoming, along with the anonymity that is offered when studying online or being in an online community – your skills are what matters, rather than gender or race All 3 panellists discuss the importance of networking to find roles, as well as the importance of home labs, and helping yourself to stand out when applying for those first jobs.

Carolyn discusses her experience as a career retrainer from mechanical engineering, and the importance of making the most of your networks to find a role, which can be online networks or face to face networking events. Carolyn also discusses catching girls early to get them interested in cyber security and the importance of code clubs from a young age.


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