Top Ten Tips for motivating your staff
Top Ten Tips for motivating your staff

Top Ten Tips for motivating your staff

Posted on: 24/02/2015

Richard Roberts, HR and Employee Engagement Expert.

Today I was invited to speak at Outsource’s latest Thought Leadership breakfast networking event, about the importance of employee engagement.  It was great to meet the Outsource team and to help the invited audience learn more about this topic.

Most people are shocked when I tell them that more than 80% of the UK’s workforce does not feel full engaged with their jobs.  No wonder Monday mornings are often so quiet in so many workplaces!  They are often even more surprised when I tell them that pay rises and bonuses are not the long-term solution.

So if you missed my presentation at Outsource, here are my Top Ten Tips for creating a culture that motivates staff. 

Top ten tips - Creating an Engaging and Motivating Culture

1. There is no magic bullet. It does not happen overnight. It takes effort, investment and focus.
2. It’s about “your” employer brand, culture and values- it should fit your business not the engagement theory.
3. There is a clear business case for focusing on this.
4. Stop talking about employee engagement. Don’t call it an initiative….it’s the way we do things around here. It’s the way we run our business.  
5. It starts with recruitment
6.  Start undertaking research and actions to understand what is turning your people on and what is driving them crazy. Track and monitor progress and tell people how it is.
7. Keep it really simple - it’s the smallest things that have the biggest impact.  
8. Keeping telling the story in lots of different ways - spotting opportunities to reinforce “your” brand and values. You can do this through every stage of the employee journey - from recruitment and induction, performance management, career development through to leaving the organisation.
9. Do something different. Surprise your people once in a while.
10. Make sure your leaders are on-board – there can be no ‘say do’ gap.

You’ll notice that tip No.5 says it starts with recruitment.  Contact Outsource to find out more about how Outsource can help your company find staff that are right for your business.


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