Is it all about the money?
Is it all about the money?

Is it all about the money?

Posted on: 26/07/2017

Do you know what really motivates your employees?

Money may be the one motivator that comes up time and again, but we at Outsource UK have come to understand that this isn’t the be all and end all. Often it isn’t even close to the top of the list.

How well do you know your employees?

Many employees suggest that a structured career path or a better work-life balance would be more of a driver for them than a higher salary. Meaningful work is another chart topper in the motivator table according to a recent survey by Survey Monkey.

  •       In 2015 the top drivers for millennials was salary but…
  •       A later survey in 2016 suggests that making a positive impact within an organisation was top of their list of motivators.

Having the backing and support of line managers to develop and implement your ideas is something that people crave, creating more serotonin than people know what to do with! Receiving feedback and praise on work is something that makes people strive to do the same job but better, motivating them through their daily and sometimes mundane tasks.

How do you motivate an entire organisation?

When we asked our employees why Outsource UK is their employer of choice, their answers included:

  •       Camaraderie
  •       Competitiveness
  •       Being part of a family.

There is a whole host of research that suggests employees stay in their roles for longer thanks to the environment that they work in, this includes the people that they work alongside. It takes someone special to be an Outsource person.

A recent review of the company benefits package also seems to have boosted the engagement of our colleagues; amongst employee reward schemes and season ticket loans, an increase in annual leave has been a big change. We haven’t taken the Richard Branson approach of unlimited annual leave but having an extra day for your birthday (or that of a family member) is something just little bit special, effectively giving an additional day off if you spend your birthday treating yourself like me!  

I can’t get no…career satisfaction

Career satisfaction is another big motivator for our employees. As one of the UK fastest-growing IT recruitment consultancies, the job of a recruiter is often very repetitive. Being satisfied with the job that you are doing is a huge factor.

Employees stay and leave organisations for any number of reasons, but if you reflect, you can usually identify these push and pull factors. Addressing push factors means identifying what demotivates your employees and ultimately pushes them away from an organisation.

We need L&D

Learning and development alongside clear career structures seems to be something that tremendously increases staff motivation, pulling them closer to the organisation. If employees can see what they need to do to get to where they want to go, it drives them forward to achieve it. These pull factors allows us to hold on tight to our employees and hopefully not let them go!

Investing in the development of staff can have a clear impact on motivation, returning a favour is something that most people want to do: “Invest in me and I’ll invest in you.” Whether this is investing your time, providing development with a training course or offering effective leadership skills, people want to feel appreciated in order to motivate them.

Motivating employees the correct way will help with their job satisfaction and improve engagement and when people are engaged and happy, they are productive. The frequency of feedback they receive, the development of their skills, and recognition of their performance is also high on the list of employee motivation.

And so you can see, it’s really not about money. Have a think: what really motivates you, your team or your candidates?

Jae Bennett 


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