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Employed Consultants - what are the benefits?

1st September 2020
Client solutions

The right people, the right time

An innovative way to help you through the challenges of your human resource issues, ensuring you get the right people into your business at the right time.

The Employed Consultant model complements your existing Permanent and Contingency hiring, with a flexible solution with all the characteristics of a contract worker and none of the headaches. It also helps ensure a compliant workforce after the delayed IR35 legislation change in April 2021.

Benefits to our customers

  • Access to top talent & niche skills
  • Consultative service – market insight & advice
  • Handcrafted solutions tailored to meet customers requirements
  • Reduced hiring times
  • Access to additional services – manager coaching & training workshops, vetting/on-boarding, payroll
  • Flexibility to enable customers to meet business objectives
  • Reduced risk
  • Multiple talent attraction & sourcing tools
  • Regular support, advice and legislative updates

We source the most talented candidates in your industry and employ them ourselves on a permanent basis.

These talented individuals are then contracted out to you, lowering your costs, ensuring HR stability and giving attractive career development opportunities to the individual consultants.

This truly is the third way!

Discover how ECs can help you

We've crafted a handy guide to hiring contract resource compliantly by utilising our bench of Employed Consultants, giving you speed and flexibility to implement staff quickly.

Whether it's an enterprise-scale solution designed to hire contingent resource compliantly, or a one-off requirement of niche talent, find out more about the benefits to your business.

Download the EC guide now

We've helped several customers with their IR35 compliance this year too - learn more.

Or get in touch with us to request a callback.


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