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Returning to work after a career break: How to make the transition smooth

7th March 2024
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Returning to work after a career break?

The transition can be challenging, not just for employees but also for the organisation. Understanding the importance of smooth transitions is crucial in retaining top-tier talent.

It’s usually female employees who take a longer career break to be primary carers for their newborn babies. For International Women’s Day 2024, we wanted to highlight the support available for women to return to work after maternity. We’re going to take a look at the support available from the Government and how Outsource helps people returning to work.

The Government’s support to encourage people to return to work

The UK Government has recognised the need to invest in various programmes to encourage more people to return to the professional world.

  • Career Break Returner Programmes: Backed by a £5 million fund, these programmes are designed to ease your re-entry into the workforce.
  • Support for Women in STEM: If you're a woman who took a career break to care for children, this initiative specifically targets your unique needs.
  • Returnships for Over 50s: Tailored for adults over 50, this programme aims to reintegrate seasoned professionals back into the workplace.
  • New Legislation for Pregnant Women and New Parents: This includes enhanced protection against redundancy, ensuring job security for new parents.

These government-backed initiatives play a pivotal role in empowering companies to attract and retain skilled professionals.

Outsource UK's Commitment to Returning Professionals

At Outsource, we believe that people power successful businesses. Returning to work after a career break can be overwhelming for our people. As an employer, we do all we can to make the return to work as smooth and as stress-free as possible. We do this through flexible work arrangements and personalised benefits.

  • Flexible Working: Balancing work and personal life is key to recharging and enjoying time away from work.
  • Enhanced Maternity, Paternity, and Adoption Pay: We offer generous benefits during significant life events, providing peace of mind and financial security.
  • Career Development: We focus on continuous development, setting clear goals and actionable steps.
  • Leadership Mentoring: Our structured programme, delivered by skilled mentors, is designed to foster leadership skills.
  • Promoting Female Leadership: By increasing the visibility of female leaders, we inspire and empower our upcoming talent.
  • Pay Transparency: We're working towards full transparency in pay rewards, addressing the gender pay gap.
  • Re-orientation: We offer Keep In Touch Days, office visits with or without their baby and a "Return to Work Reorientation". This is a mini induction meeting where we share with the returner changes that have happened in the business. Feedback from returners has been positive, showing they feel considered and supported.

Supporting Parent Returners, Becky Buggs, Parent Returners Ambassador

Becky Buggs is a Senior Recruiter and our Parent Returners Ambassador. Becky supports parents with returning to work. After becoming a parent Becky was nervous about returning to work after her maternity leave and this is what she had to say about her experience:

“I was also worried I might have forgotten what to do but I've come back with more determination than ever and I'm proud of what I have done since I have been back. I feel like I need to specifically thank some of the team - Stephen Lynch, Liam Fahey, Matt Williamson, Chloe Glascoe, and Danni McCarter. They’ve all been instrumental in the deals I have made and their support has meant so much to me. But also, the whole of the Manchester office, the environment there is just so nice, friendly, and welcoming. Every single person in that office is lovely and would go out of their way to try and help out, they’ve all made me feel like I had never even been away! :D”

Becky Buggs, Parent Returners Ambassador

Becky's story highlights the supportive environment at Outsource, which made her transition seamless and empowering. Returning to work after a career break doesn't have to be daunting. With the right support and initiatives, you can make a successful return to work and have the right work-life balance. You can read more about Becky’s story in her Ambassador Blog.

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