Workforce Solutions

Experiencing high contractor costs or a skills shortage?

When it comes to delivering specialist resources, Outsource knows the experts you need.

Outsource UK What We Do

Outsource UK provides a range of workforce solutions to complement existing contingent and permanent services.  For clients seeking flexible, cost effective resource which can mitigate all IR35, AWR, co-employment tenure risk, we provide our own highly skilled Consultants on a flexible basis.

 Workforce Solutions

We have long-established, close relationships with many key professionals which enables us to maintain an excellent knowledge of prevailing market conditions and opportunities. Many of these candidates are unavailable from other sources. 

For more information on specific solutions, please see our Statement of Work and Talent Planning pages.

Our Consultants are fully inducted and performance-managed by us, and have a structured learning and development journey ensuring our resource is always at optimum levels, evolving as your business changes and new demands arise.  They are highly motivated and can have their bonuses aligned to client or project milestones and deliverables.

Workforce Solutions Categorisation

Scholar programmes

We also run Scholar (Graduate) programmes where we support the integration of the next generation of resource to our clients as graduates or trainees, who are then deployed on a 12-18 month programme of continual development and training.  These resources will meet the specific skills required by the Hiring Manager and bespoke training plans will be delivered ensuring a smooth transition into the team.

Welfare Management

We also provide dedicated Welfare Managers to ensure a high engagement and retention of the Scholars offering community socials, awards and bonuses along with an extensive benefits package.

Cost reduction

If you are experiencing high contractor costs with your business as usual roles and need a 10-15% reduction, restrictions on tenure for contingent resource, high attrition, low engagement, or challenges in building a long term solution to a skills shortage then our Workforce Solutions portfolio of services will be able to assist.

Why partner with Outsource UK:

  • Offices across the UK
  • Gold Standard REC audited agency
  • ISO 9001:2015 accredited
  • Member of APSCo
  • Transparent terms & conditions 

We provide a managed resourcing team for contract, consultancy, interim and permanent staff throughout the UK to clients operating in many sectors including Financial Services, Engineering, Defence & Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain, Cyber Security.

We take of everything: security and medical clearance can be implemented for every placement and our consultants work closely with the client’s HR and Procurement teams to develop, implement and continuously improve processes for recruitment and onboarding, and to ensure that confidentiality and intellectual property rights are protected and the candidate can hit the ground running. 

Why flexible resourcing works with Outsource:

  • Consultative approach. Professional and honest feedback throughout the process
  • Proactive consultants support clients through thick and thin and won’t hide if the going gets tough
  • Contractor rates and expectations managed in-line with market conditions
  • All contractors sign non-disclosure and intellectual property (IP) agreements
  • In-house compliance team ensures all contractor payment methods & companies are evaluated to ensure full compliance with UK legislation (including taxation)
  • All candidates spoken to, taking care to ensure that the client is represented professionally and the candidates’ experience of dealing with the client is a great one
  • All feedback on unsuccessful candidates handled sensitively to ensure perception of the client is not damaged and is enhanced wherever possible

To talk to our specialist resourcing team about how we can help, call 01793 430021 or email us at